Maltby Street Market

Somewhere south of the river, nestled between the railway arches, lies a beautifully quirky corner of London.  Maltby Street market is the most perfect combination of food, antiques, and happy Londoners you will find.  It has the buzz of Borough, but without the suffocatingly busy feel, and the best food the capital has to offer.  Promise me that one weekend, you will take a stroll down the Ropewalk…


It’s a very British affair.


I’d recommend that you start by grabbing yourself an exceedingly good coffee from Craft.image-288

You can really feel the love!


Now that you’re fully caffeine-fuelled, you can meander slowly down the stalls, munching on samples as you go.


You’ll be totally spoiled for choice.


This lady has the largest pan of tartiflette I have ever encountered- don’t you just want to dive in?!


The stall holders are the friendliest people ever, which makes their food oh so more inviting.  Steak sandwich anyone?


Or perhaps you fancy something a little sweeter…


There’s everything you could ever imagine, from decadent oysters, to plain old british classics like scotch eggs and pork pies.


Ok when I say ‘plain old’, they’re far from it…



The best smoked salmon by Hansen & Lydersen…


Or some cracking pita breads surrounded by lots of planks of wood for some unknown reason.


Just go with it. 

An absolute must- have is a cheese toasty from the The Cheese Truck.  Believe me when I say that they are out of this world.  


There are a few heavenly cheesy combinations to go for, but I would highly recommend the stilton, bacon and pear chutney.  It’s toasted to perfection, and pure happiness in a sandwich.



It’s such a fantastic place to kick back, eat some amazing food and drink in the atmosphere.  Or drink in some gin from the Little Bird Gin company, if you’re that way inclined. It’s a pretty cool little joint, but without the ‘hipsters only’ feel.  


Maltby Street has got such a happy feel to it, with everyone weaving in and out of the stalls, stopping to chat with the vendors and eyeing up antiques in the little shops tucked away in the arches.  There’s not a sad face in sight.  Ok, except perhaps for this guy…


I can understand his plight- it must be pretty terrible to smell such delicious food and not be able to eat any.


So, if you’re at a loose end of a weekend and fancy some fresh air, this is the place to go.  I promise, it won’t disappoint! 

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