Southsea Coffee Co.

After having a wander around the Southsea Food Festival last weekend, we stopped off at our favourite coffee shop – Southsea Coffee Co.  It’s a lovely little place in the heart of town, serving excellent coffees alongside Tara’s ‘Ginger & Peach’ free-from range of raw cakes and sweet treats.  They are all lovingly hand made using raw and natural ingredients.  They’re honestly so tasty and flavoursome, you won’t even realise that they’re not made with refined sugars and all the other unhealthy ingredients that all too often crop up in your usual cakes.  One of my best friends is allergic to gluten and dairy, so i’m always fascinating by finding foods and recipes that suit this diet.


Their coffees and drinks are all displayed on a big chalkboard, next to a very funky flower arrangement! 


The counter is piled with delicious raw cakes, fudge, cookies, brownies…. everything you could think of.


Our coffee’s came… I couldn’t wait to tuck in to mine before taking a photo, oopsy!  I went for an iced latte, mum had a chai latte and dad had a flat white.


Martin, who we bumped into heading up the Southsea Coffee Co stall at the food festival, highly recommended the mango chia seed pudding.  I decided to give it a go!


Martin wasn’t wrong when he said it tasted like a Solero!  The fresh coconut shavings on top give it a delicious crunch, and the mango purée is so flavoursome.  It’s also really good for you, so you don’t have to feel guilty eating it! 


If you’re in the area, pop by and grab yourself a coffee and a yummy raw ‘Ginger & Peach’ treat.  Their breakfast and lunch menu is also delicious…. I’ll be coming back again when I’m next home! 

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