Polo in the Park

Summer has finally arrived in London!  This might well mean that the tubes are stuffier than ever, but it also means that Londoners are just that little bit chirpier.   There’s no better quintessentially British way to kick off the summer season than with an ice cold glass of Pimms and a spot of Polo.


I piled my jug of Pimms full of blueberries, peaches, apples, cucumber and pomegranate seeds just to spice it up a bit.  You can put whatever fruit you like in, just make sure there’s cucumber and mint involved and a nice variation of colours!  You can make some fancy ice cubes to go in it too if you like …


Blueberries and mint leaves work quite well as they are small enough to fit in the ice cube tray.  I made a few little summery snacks for everyone to have before heading out to watch some sport  drink some more Pimms.

Goats cheese and red onion tartlets….


Peach and halloumi skewers…


Followed by a French rhubarb tart


Merrily topped up with food and drink, we walked down the road to Hurlingham Park to catch some of the action.


The matches soon got under way, and we were all gripped by the gracefulness of the horses, and how fast they moved.


There were a few clashes now and again that made us all gasp…


Deciding we had watched quite enough sport to justify another drink, we headed over to the Mahiki tent.  We were delighted to discover some new summery additions to the menu…


Mojito and Piña Colada ice lollies! Ingenious creations, which went down very nicely indeed.


Summer has officially begun- Cheers everyone!

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