A Little Fish and a Large Walk

This weekend, after 3 years of promising, I finally made the trip to the Isle Of Man to see my best friend from University.

I excitedly finished work early on Friday evening, and hurried off to the airport ready for a weekend of island tranquility. Β We leapt into each other’s arms at the arrivals gate, and spent Friday evening catching up until late into the night.

Saturday morning arrived, and after a relaxing yoga session, we decided that we deserved a hearty brunch and headed off to Little Fish to refuel ourselves. Little Fish is a lovely nautical restaurant, right on the waterfront.


We perused the menu briefly, but as soon as I saw the word ‘lobster’ there was only possible option for me. I absolutely love lobster, and as we were by the sea I thought it would be rude not to sample a locally caught lobster roll.

The roll was a fluffy brioche, so light it melted instantly in the mouth. There was a generous amount of succulent lobster crammed inside, with a delicious bΓ©arnaise drizzled on top. It was absolutely heavenly! I’ve never had a lobster roll for brunch before and it felt very decadent. However, as we were celebrating finally being back in each other’s company, we thought we might as well go the whole hog and have an Aperol Spritz to go with it.

Feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves for achieving yoga and lobster all in one morning, we prepared ourselves for a windy afternoon walk. Destination: Bradda head.


When I say a windy, I mean WINDY…


I think I worked the hair-in-face look anyway…


The views more than made up for the weather.


We eventually reached the top of Bradda Head, and began the (much easier) descent back down again.


By chance I had tied my Isle of Man trip in with the infamous TT motorbike race, and we hurried back from our walk to catch the sidecar racing.


Having never watched any motorbike racing before, I was absolutely stunned at the speed at which they raced. I only just managed to snap a photo before they zoomed away at the speed of light again. The atmosphere was buzzing, as were the bikes… They sounded like a swarm of angry bees that had been plugged into an amplifier!

It was a brilliant introduction to the island, and we went home excitedly making plans for the following day.

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