Vive La France!

At the beginning of this month, a few friends and I hopped across to the Mediterranean for a much needed week of relaxation  excessive wine consumption.  Our destination was beautiful little French town called ‘Juan Les Pins’, which was ideally located within a stone’s throw of Cannes, Antibes and Monaco.


The trip mainly consisted of walking for half an hour, stopping for a glass of wine, walking for another half an hour, stopping for some Moules Frites… you get the idea.  We certainly threw ourselves headlong into the the French way of life.


Ordering Moules Frites at every restaurant we went to made us feel über chic and sophisticated.  And quite frankly, it was the only French phrase we could say and sound vaguely like locals. ‘Moules Frites s’il vous plaît’…. and hey presto, they arrived!


Each dish was as delicious as the last.  The freshest moules beautifully cooked in a white wine sauce, served with lovely warm bread and chips.  As well as all the eating, we did lots of exploring too…


And to my delight, came across a beautiful food market in Antibes!


This market was so much fun!  Each of us went and picked a few things that we wanted to eat that evening for dinner, and when we got home we put together our eclectic mix of ingredients to make a delicious evening meal.  We got hams, cheeses, olive tapenade, the most delicious sun dried peppers, asparagus, courgettes and of course, une baguette! It was a wonderfully authentic meal, and tasted even better because we had bought everything fresh that morning.  It was of course all washed down with a lovely glass (or three) of wine.

It was the perfect relaxing week, and with our arteries clogged with Camembert, we sadly made our way back to London.

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