Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper…

Having been a hardcore fan of Claude’s Kitchen since moving to Parsons Green, I could not have been happier when I heard that head chef Claude was opening a new pub in Fulham- The Tommy Tucker.

So, one chilly Sunday, my two very excitable housemates and I walked over to check out our new watering hole. The atmosphere was buzzing as everyone was tucking into their Sunday roasts and catching up over a bottle (or two) of wine.

We scanned the menu and quickly decided on the roast pig x 3.  We figured that if we all ordered the same thing, none of us would get food envy.  It arrived in all it’s glory.  Beautifully tender pork unlike any I have ever tasted before, beetroot purée, chutney and freshly roasted veg and kale.


None of us knew where to begin, and sat staring at how pretty our plates were for a good minute before tucking in.

image-6 (1) Can we all just take a second to appreciate this cracking…


It was, without doubt, the best roast dinner I have ever tasted.  I know it is sacrilege to admit that there is ever a roast better than a home made one, but all three of us agreed that this was an exeption.   The meat absolutely stole the show, but everything else that came with it was faultless.

We decided that we could just about squeeze in a pudding, and again all three opted for the same to avoid any jealousy.

image-7 (1)

Our beautifully crisp apple tarts arrived on a crunchy bed accompanied by a melt in the mouth milk ice cream.  It was the perfect round off to an unforgettable Sunday Lunch. Hats off to you Claude!

The three of us slowly waddled home with smiles on our faces, already planning a date in the diary to return.

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