Chotto Matte!

Chotto Matte has long been on my ‘to do’ list.

We are used to hearing of Italian, Caribbean, and even Malaysian restaurants.  But Peruvian and Japenese fusion food? Not something you tend to come across every day! This exotic blend of foods was too tantalising to miss, and so myself and a few girls from work thought we would head into the heart of Soho and see what all the fuss was about.

I am a sucker for a good deal (who isn’t?!), and so was delighted to find that they do a pre- theatre menu consisting of three courses and a glass of Prosecco for just £25.  Bargainous! Get me there immediately.

Our meal arrived in a bento box which was opened up by the waiters like an extravagant chocolate box.

Just look at it….


Unfortunately you are unable to smell it, but trust me when I say it smelt like heaven.  It was a beautifully balanced box of ceviche, sashimi, spicy padron peppers, lobster tempura (yep, you heard me!), grilled octopus and BBQ miso chicken, just to name a few.  The Sea Bass sushi was just phenomenal…

image-12 (1)

Each compartment contained treats even more tasty than the last. Once we had all (sadly) finished our own  little  large box, desert arrived in the middle for us to all dip in and share.  The prize for best pud definitely went to the Peruvian chocolate pot….


My only gripe was the service… The staff were rather stuffy and not overly friendly.  Our waiter made a bit of a fuss about us ordering the pre- theatre menu, and we were ushered into ordering it before our whole party had even arrived to make sure we ordered it ‘in time’.

However, it was nonetheless a wonderful meal and I am still going to bed thinking that Lobster tempura one week later!  If you’re in Soho and want to splash out on a fancy meal with a bit of a twist, then Chotto Matte is your man.

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